Mr. Wang Jinyuan, chairman of BLG Group, Zhejiang Hydrocolloids was invited to participate in "Zhejiang TV Wonderful New Years Eve


On December 31, 2022, BLG CEO of Zhejiang Hydrocolloids Co., Ltd Mr. Wang Jinyuan was invited by Zhejiang TV to participate in "Zhejiang TV wonderful New Year's Eve". The scene is lively with many other successful entrepreneurs. Being one of the first batch of the “Little Giant”enterprises awarded by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, BLG participated not long ago in the FIE Paris exhibition, which was led by a delegation of Zhejiang Province government to hunt for commercial opportunities, and has got fruitful results after coming back.


Mr. Wang said: this time our participation in the FIE in Paris, led by the commerce department of Zhejiang province government, enabled us to achieve fruitful results, mainly in three aspects: Insight into the changing needs of the European and American market for hydrocolloid products; Eliminate unnecessary concerns of overseas customers towards our supply stability of Chinese suppliers, thus enhancing the confidence in our delivery capability as Zhejiang Top Hydro colloids; Through face-to-face contact with overseas customers, we were able to present new products, which led in new contracts with values over 30 million RMB. . Those new clients and orders of our new products have a significant meaning to us. At present, we are actively preparing for next year's exhibition activities, the most recent being another professional exhibition in Mexico .

As Mr Wang said, attending foreign exhibitions is an important window for foreign trade to receive orders and contact new and old customers. Through face-to-face negotiations, we can really understand the changing needs of customers, solve their pain points, strengthen their trust in us and really serve them effectively.


As one of the leading companies in the hydrocolloid industry in China, BLG strives to build a professional brand of Chinese hydrocolloids that is respected by the world, so that Chinese companies can play a more important role in the international arena. BLG will uphold the spirit of professionalism, dedication and innovation in the new year, and continue to provide more comprehensive and better hydrocolloid products and services to customers at home and abroad. We wish you all a prosperous new year, a prosperous career, and a happy and healthy family!



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