BLG at SIAL INTERFOOD 2022, Jakarta, Indonesia, 9 November

In the early days of November 2022, a trade show on food products was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The participating companies are mainly local Indonesia companies, but also international companies from Japan, Korea, India, Middle East and other countries. They are mainly in the field of food and beverage, jelly, coffee, seafood, coffee, catering machines and other industries.

We exhibited our consumer products to the public in this exhibition, mainly our Jelly Ball and Instant Drink. We received positive feedbacks from the consumers, especially our Instant Drink products. In the Indonesian market, our instant drinks products currently belong to a unique state, there is no other company has appeared with similar concept. The ready to eat concept, flavor and texture and versatility of our Jelly Ball were also recognized and interest of the public. Through this exhibition, we better understand our competitors and our stand in the market.

Many attendees recognized our company logo and known us as a hydrocolloid producer. Through this exhibition, we were able to expose our consumer products to the public and gained more exposure. Many showed interest in our Jelly ball and instant drink. At the same time, many distributors in the beer manufacturing industry, HORECA, beverage etc., also approached us and showed interest for future business plans. We are thankful for this opportunity and hope to constantly bring the public more specialized, leading and innovative products and solutions!



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