BLG participated in the Food Ingredient Europe (Paris) reported by Zhejiang Satellite TV


From 6th to 8th December, 2022, Food ingredients Europe 2022 is currently being held in Paris as scheduled. Colleagues from BLG’s sales team are attending the trade fair in Paris. Zhejiang Satellite TV interviewed Mr. Min EnGuang, the representative of BLG Group at the exhibition. The following is the report from Zhejiang Satellite TV.


On 6th Dec Beijing time, many enterprises from Zhejiang province appeared at the Food ingredients Europe trade fair, attracting the attention of many European customers. BLG, an enterprise from Jiaxing City, participates in person in the food ingredients trade fair for the first time in three years. Endless visitors from all over the world with new and existing customers continue to come to BLG’s booth to consult with the representatives about their products. BLG received more than 60 customers in one day, and intention order hits 12 million yuan. In the next two days, they are expecting another 60-70 customers visiting BLG’s booth to negotiate business with the representatives.


From the 1st day of launch, the average number of customers received by each Zhejiang enterprises exceeded 40, and the intention order is more than 10 million yuan. After the three-day trade show, enterprises from our province will continue to visit customer contacted previously online. This European tour is the 1st provincial level overseas market development tour since the epidemic. Officer from Provincial Department of Commerce will visit the leading French trade fair enterprises, in order to provide precise docking for Zhejiang enterprises willing to go out of China.



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